All About Facial Oils and Why You Should be Using Them

All About Facial Oils and Why You Should be Using Them


So, what is the deal with Facial Oil, anyway?  In skin care, there always seems to be something new trending, and plant-based facial oils are no exception. But why, after years of becoming accustomed to our skin care routines and cabinets crammed with serums, moisturizers and under eye creams have these little gem suddenly become all the rage?   The answer?  They are extremely effective.  While all facial oils are not created equally, there are a host of plant-based facial oils out there that are packed with properties that help nourish and treat for virtually every skin type, from pumping skin to helping prevent breakouts.

But you want me to put oil – on my face?  The short answer?  YES.  If you had suggested that to me when I was younger, I would have probably said “No thank you, very much.”  But then a funny thing happened.  I got older.  The plus side?  No more oiliness. Overnight, “poof!” it was gone.   Of course, the downside was that my previously T-zone, combination oily skin started looking a little like parchment from the Dead Sea Scrolls:  dry, dull, and lifeless, despite slathering on heaps of expensive creams and serums.

So, intrigued, I took another look at facial oils.  And what I discovered might surprise you. 

Facial Oils are AWESOME

The right facial oils are awesome.  Seriously.  Not only are they super easy to use, but the benefits are virtually instant, and the results are undeniable.  More importantly, there is a facial oil out there for every skin type. 

If you are not currently using facial oils, here is a list of great reasons why you should. 

Facial Oils Nourish Your Skin. A good facial oil helps seal in moisture and provides your skin with the extra nourishment and vitamins it needs to stay healthy.  Plant-derived oils can provide your skin with the omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins it needs to stay healthy at any age.

They are not just for mature skin. Facial oils do not, in fact, make your skin oilier!  The right facial oil can be used by anyone, with fabulous effects.  Facial Oil can provide a host of beneficial attributes, such as helping regulate sebum production, help prevent breakouts, crepiness, wrinkles, dark spots and more.  Best of all, they help give your skin a healthy, vibrant glow. 

Facials Oils Can Protect from Free-Radicals.  Facial oils can help keep damaging free radicals at bay.  Many facial oils contain antioxidants that can help prevent the negative effects of free radicals, like loss of elasticity and photoaging, and some can even help boost collagen production!

But Won’t They Clog My Pores? A good facial oil is non-comedogenic, which means it will not block your pores.  Our skin produces natural oils to keep it hydrated and heathy.  The trouble comes when oil, dirt or dead skin cells start to build up, which can cause clogged pores.  Makeup, not having a good skin care regimen, bacteria, sweat, excessive oil production and even hormones can all be contributing factors.  Ingredients in facial oils can actually HELP regulate sebum production, minimize breakouts, and protect help the moisture barrier of your skin to keep our skin at optimum health.    

Helps Smooth Skin Texture. A good facial oil will hydrate your skin and leave it feeling smooth, fresh, and silky.  It is a great product to apply before applying makeup, as dry, flaky, or blemished skin can cause makeup to appear blotchy.  The right facial oil will help makeup products glide flawlessly across skin.

BeautyNaturally.  I admit it. These days, especially since the Pandemic began, I have opted to go make-up free more days than not.  The good news is this: the right facial oil can keep your skin looking moisturized, glowing, and flawless, with or without makeup. 


Using a facial oil correctly is super easy.  First, cleanse and tone your face.  Next, put a few drops of oil on your fingertips and gently PAT – do not rub – onto face.  Your skin will drink it in, leaving only soft, smooth, silky skin behind.

If you want to give your skin care regimen a massive boost, try a facial oil.  You will be glad you did!

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