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Lisa Wilksinon

About the Creator, Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa Wilkinson is an entrepreneur with a diverse background as a published playwright, producer, party-planner, herbalist and soap maker.  She was first inspired to begin making soap by her mother, Libby Patrick, (now deceased) who was a skilled artisan and crafter. She began this cottage industry in her kitchen, making soap and bath gift baskets for friends and family.

A mother of three grown children, in addition to soap making, she enjoys gardening, ballroom dancing, hosting theme parties, spending meaningful time with friends, and of course, spending time with her amazing kids, who are her favorite people in the world.

The Story of Just Imagine

Soap, air and linen spray body mist, Hair Krak


Just Imagine is located in sunny, Naples, Florida. The company was started in September of 2007 by Lisa Wilkinson with the goal of creating unique retail-quality handmade bath and body products that would be beautiful and healthful for the skin. As a small, home-based business, we began by developing and testing our unique product lines and gifting products to family and friends for feedback.  Later, we direct-marketed them through private home soap parties. Originally made-to-order only, with the launch of our website, Justimaginehandcrafted.com, we can now offer our product to the public. However, all our products are still made by hand, in small batches, to ensure maximum freshness.

Since inception, we have striven to bring our customers high-quality, original, handcrafted products and gifts. We continue to grow as a company by keeping creative product innovation and customer service at the forefront of all we do. We care about our customers, and we look forward to the opportunity bring you beautiful, healthful products.

Our mission is to create a little magic in the lives of our customers by keeping creativity, quality, honesty and integrity at the forefront of all we do.  We love to receive our customer’s feedback, and we always welcome new ideas.

Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt

Just Imagine... 
Some time to pamper yourself. 
Some time to relax and dream your dreams.

That’s what we did.  Our love of nature, gardening and handcrafting gifts from the heart led us to “Just Imagine” what we might do to bring some of what we love to others.The result is the Just Imagine Handcrafted line of bath and body care products.  Our line currently includes handmade soap, lotion, silk body whip, sugar body scrubs, Dead Sea mineral bath salts, moisturizing body mist, and air & linen sprays; but we hope to continue to expand our product offerings.

Our products are lovingly handmade in Naples, Florida with high quality ingredients to soothe your skin and delight your senses.  All our products are hypoallergenic, vegan-based, animal friendly, and contain no petroleum or petroleum by-products.

Our standard is simple: they must look, feel and smell great, and they have to be great for your skin.

Just Imagine Handcrafted is licensed in the State of Florida to conduct a home-based business.

So, come take a walk in our garden.

Sit back, relax, and Just Imagine...