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Our True Grit pumice soaps are perfect for mechanics, gardeners, or anyone who gets good n' dirty.  Outstanding at removing tough grease, dirt and grime, while added Bentonite clay helps remove toxins and added soothing ingredients help calm your skin.

True Grit is available in 3 grades: Light Job (Active Black), Medium Job, and TOUGH JOB. 

Light Job / Active Black:  Light Job True Grit glycerin soap with Sandalwood essential oil can handle the tough jobs, but is mild abrasion with fine pumice is softer on your skin.  Contains activated charcoal for great detoxification.  Will leave your hands sparkling clean and moisturized.

Medium Job:  Medium Job True Grit glycerin soap is a bit more abrasive for those tougher jobs.  Available in Sweet Orange & Tangerine or Rosemary, Tea Tree & Lavender.  Our Rosemary Tea Tree & Lavender is a natural antiseptic.

Tough Job:  Tough Job True Grit is a goat milk soap has an extra helping of pumice for those truly tough jobs when you need all the extra scrubbing power you can get.